Moto Z Force - blurred zoom.


Feb 15, 2016
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I noticed after 1st of May that the zoom on my Moto Z force was giving me blurred results. Tried different settings, different camera app, Safe Mode FDR, tried again before loading apps after FDR. Still blurry. Got a replacement phone through my ext. warranty. Same thing. I wouldn't bring this up but this issue didn't happen before. A zoomed in picture of a person from approx. 20' away looks like a caricature drawing.

During the process of working with tech support I noticed that a Security update was on May 1. The system update didn't occur until 3 weeks later.

Anyone else have this issue? Were you able to fix? If so how.


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you've had 2 phones with the same problem, I'd keep telling them that the replacement phone is defective and to please replace it with one that works. After a while, they'll get tired of seeing what's it's probably going to cost them, and put some pressure on Lenovo to fix it. (Try a zoom shot as soon as you get the phone, before you even set it up. If it's still defective, call them, tell them that you haven't even set it up yet, but you checked the camera and the replacement is also defective, and ask for an RMA number or whatever procedure they follow for returning a phone. (If this is handled through the carrier, just bring itin and ask them to find you a working phone, then try it in the store, ask them to try to find one that actually works, try it, etc., until closing time or until they call corporate and ask what they can do.)

There have been a few phones like that (I think it was the Motorola [real Motorola] W325, or some number close, that a lot of us refused to sell - it was pulled from the market eventually) and pressure from dealer groups, Asurion and places like that have a lot of influence on the manufacturer. (For instance, if Asurion tells Lenovo that they're no longer going to provide insurance on the Moto Z Force, Lenovo has a problem. Even people who hear that in passing in the store ["Oh, Asurion doesn't insure that phone"] will stay away from it in droves.)


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May 17, 2010
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I agree with Ry. Examples of the "blurred" pictures would help a lot.

Without seeing them, keep in mind that most cell phones do not have a "true" zoom. When you zoom in you're really just cropping the picture. So you're taking a 20mp camera, and looking at maybe 2 or 3mp at best when you zoom far in. That will make the pictures look blocky, or with a little processing, blurred.

Rule of thumb, don't zoom. Crop out what you don't need later, the results would look better than trying to "crop" on the fly in the camera app.


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Apr 5, 2011
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Also have you possibly lowered the resolution on your camera? Lower res would leave less "room" for zoom before things got blurry.