Moto Z Play Droid Texting over wifi issues

Daniel Biba

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Feb 21, 2017
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Hey guys, I've done some searching for this but haven't found anything. I have a Moto Z Play Droid that i got maybe 3 months ago from Verizon. I love this thing, the battery life is great and at first i was super excited for Wifi Calling and texting as i live in an area with poor service most of the time. Problem is Wifi calling and text work for maybe 10 minutes when I first turn on the phone, then they stop working. If I go in and toggle the option on and off a few times it'll work but most of the time i need to restart my phone. It is extremely annoying. Contacted Verizon about it and then sent me a new phone, thinking it was defective, but the new one does it too.... i use the default calling app and Google Messenger, although I've just started using the Verizon messaging app, which is ugly as hell...but if it works, whatever. I have also tried different WiFi networks, but it always seems to stop working. Anyone else have this issue?