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Motorola Assist - SMS through "phone" volume very low


New member
Jul 12, 2015
After updating to Lollipop, Moto Assist seems to want to read texts out through my car's speakers using a "phone call". When a text comes in the screen in my car switches to a phone call and I can barely hear the notifications from the phone even with the volume turned to max on the car and the phone. Prior to Lollipop, Moto Assist wanted to read the notifications through the Media connection which only worked if you were connected to media in the car so I disabled bluetooth media which caused the audio to come of the phone speaker (which was fine). I've deleted and reconnected the bluetooth connection with the car and also enabled and disabled media on the BT connection and same thing occurs. I haven't seen this complaint much so far on the board but just wondering if there's a solution. I have a Hyundai Sonata and what I've done at the moment is turn on Audio Troubleshooting under Moto Voice settings and the phone is back to reading texts over the phone speakers. Acceptable but just wondering if I'm missing something.