Motorola Atrix x Pico Projector Mirror Out


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Jun 13, 2012
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Hi guys...

Is there an app out there that can turn on the mirroring for devices that don't have it? I would like to root my phone but i don't think this fixes the problem either.

I know I put ATRIX but this isn't specific, it could possibly help someone else out.

I know it's silly but I bought a pico projector without checking the video out on the phone itself.

This is the projector I bought AAXA KP400-01 P3 Pico Pocket Projector with 50 Lumens LED, Media Player, HDMI and Rechargable Battery, Black: Electronics

any help would be appreciated, it's got HDMI out and shoots in HD so I would killlll to get it to mirror.