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Feb 23, 2011
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hi, i just got this a couple of days ago. i didn't buy the multimedia dock. i bought just the keyboard for $65 at Amazon. the keyboard looks a lot like Apple's bluetooth keyboard although it is black and plastic. the keyboard works pretty well. i tested the battery life of the phone by leaving the keyboard connected to it. i tested it because when i have it on my desk and i use it intermittently, it gets pretty annoying having to turn the bluetooth on and off all the time when i need to use the keyboard. i found out that the battery usage is negligible. i still got about 12 hours with 1.5 hours screen usage to 30% battery. this is the about the same as when i have bluetooth off the entire time. i think the keyboard sleeps when it is idle for some time because i can see the LED light on it blinking when i'm not using it.

although it is made out of plastic, it is fairly solid. this is one of the reasons why i chose this keyboard. i didn't like how flimsy a lot of the foldaway keyboards looked. another thing i like about it is, since this keyboard is made for the phone and the operating systems, every keys on it is usable. it has a bunch of very useful key shortcuts specifically for the Android OS. the phone turns on when you press the home button on the keyboard. i downloaded a widget that locks the phone when i press it. this is useful when turning the phone off when it is on the table or on a dock rather than having to pick it up to press the power button on the back.

i have tried to connect it to my Nexus One. i didn't get it to work but i didn't try hard enough. it will not work with just the stock Nexus One. i downloaded a bluetooth keyboard app in the Market which detected the keyboard although it still didn't work. it just made a typing sound when i press a button but not much else. this is definitely a driver issue and i do not know if there is a driver specifically for this keyboard making everything work including the Android specific shortcuts.
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