Motorola Migrate - Importing from iPhone to Moto X


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Dec 7, 2014
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I've been reading most of the threads in this forum as I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new 2nd gen Moto X! And I've learned a lot about the phone and the newer features of Android since I last used it--pre-Ice Cream Sandwich I believe, on my HTC EVO.

I'm coming to the Moto X from an iPhone 5 and I also use Gmail. I never synched my Apple and Gmail contacts because there were a lot of bogus contacts that got saved to my Gmail simply by receiving emails, i.e. spam, eBay and Craigslist replies, etc. I meant to go through and delete those (and did delete some) as I didn't want those being saved to my phone and computer.

But now I'm trying to figure out if it would be easier to just synch my Apple contacts to Google/Gmail or to use Motorola Migrate and I'm hoping some of you might be able to help.

I have most of my contacts saved to Google/Gmail but some are in my Apple contacts. I was blown away when I found out that Motorola Migrate works with Apple accounts as well as Android. This is going to save me a lot of work.

So my question is this. When I set up the migration will it recognize duplicates and include both or will it prompt me to choose, on a contact by contact basis, which I want to keep? Or will it merge them?

I'm trying to figure out if it would just be easier to synch my Apple contacts with Gmail and clean up duplicates by hand later, or use Migrate. And I still might have the duplicate problem.

If this thread should be in a general Motorola thread somewhere else please feel free to move it.

Thanks for your help.


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Apr 29, 2012
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If it were me, I'd set a goal of having a unified, clean, syncing contacts list. If your Apple contacts are complete (i.e. there's nothing in Gmail you want to keep that not in Apple) you could just delete all your Gmail contacts and then export/sync the Apple contacts over to Gmail. Don't think there's a way for your X to sync with your Apple outside of Gmail, so even if you use Migrate (Apple to X) you're still going to have to deal with your Gmail contacts hygiene.

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