Motorola X1031 stuck on Boot up Motorola screen, how can I get off of it?


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Motorola X1031 stuck on Boot up Motorola screen

I was using my phone when it started freezing up. Usuallywhen it does this, i power off and back on and my phone is fine. However when I turned it back on, my phone got stuck on the boot up screen. It won't turn off, and when i get to the Boot Mode Selection menu, if i try and select normal powerup, it does nothing. If i select recovery, it does the motorola screen, and then a gray sceen, and that's it. The factory reset makes my screen go off, and then go on the motorola load screen again. I tried waiting on each screen for atleast 8 hours to see if anything changed, and it didnt. Please help, Im only 16 and i hace no way of getting a new one, and i wouldnt know how to send it in.