Motorolla DROID messaging constantly spazzing out


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Feb 5, 2011
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I have the first Motorolla Droid for Verizon. After installing the update about 3-4 months ago, my text messages will randomly all be deleted, even the 'locked' ones. I don't really care about that, but it is confusing when i see a blank message after someone tries to talk to me.

The main problem is when the messages get deleted, if I try to send a message to someone right after that, my phone spazzes out and just sends the message to a random person (kind of embarassing when it goes to your parents). I have to turn the phone off and then back on in order for it to send the messages to the right person. I extended my text save to 5000 messages and threads... still doesn't work. It would randomly do this about every 2-3 weeks, but recently it has been more often. It did it 2 days ago and just did it again tonight.

I was just wondering if anyone knows if Verizon can do anything about this? (Every time I go into a verizon store I usually just want to slap everyone in there, so I'm trying a different approach to this).

Oh and I do NOT have the $7.50/month 'insurance' (complete rip off)...

Thank you!