Motoxstyle marshmallow SD card media lost

m shyam

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Jan 6, 2017
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I have Moto x style 32 GB .
Upgraded os to marshmallow I.e. 6.0
Added SD card of 32 GB.
It asked internal or storage and I chose internal I.e. adopted
All my pics n videos and guess other things as well got saved there...In the SD card.
One fine day the gallery doesn't work and camera doesn't work and I guess the SD card is full..When I try taking new pic it gives message internal memory is full try free up space. Whereas my phone memory was free...So assume it's talking about the SD memory.
While trying to fix it ..I went to storage and USB and clicked forget SD ..
Now the SD card is not detected.
None of my pics n videos are accessible.
Connected the SD card to laptop and tried SD card recovery tools...They did find the files but when I recover them, I cannot play them.. they are encrypted hence not playable.

Someone please help...I have lost precious videos ...Is there anyway I can get them back