Mounts for Frequent Traveler / Rental?


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Jan 2, 2010
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I travel quite a bit for work and have been looking around for a car mount that can be transferred to different rental vehicles. During a busy month, I might be in a different vehicle each week (more than some, definitely less than the hardcore traveler). Just wanted to ping the forum to see what others in this situation do. I can't be the first one with this issue, but some quick searches ("rental" for example) didn't result in any threads.

I've been playing around with different configurations and was wondering what others were using. I grabbed this inexpensive magnetic mount when it was on special last week, and it seems fine except that I don't want to stick a magnet to my phone and don't use a case.
Possible solution: use an easily removable case on the road. Any suggestions here? Maybe silicone that can be easily popped on and off when I get in the car? Then stick the magnet to the inside of that. Maybe.

Just saw this review of an amazing suction mount (ExoMount) that seems to solve the main problem with them (losing suction). That looks pretty good, though slightly more bulk than I'd want in a carry-on. And I'd probably have to stock alcohol wipes to clean it before attaching, which is less of a problem. Yeah, the bulk would be the main thing.

The AirDock 2.0 CD mount looks intriguing. I suppose I could just pick a car with a CD player every time. Maybe CD player mounts are a thing that I should check out in the shop? Nope, I don't see any others. But there are quite a few on Amazon. Again, travel bulk might be an issue, but it's flatter than the ExoMount.

Any tips from other travelers?
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Feb 28, 2015
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Wow you sure got better results on that other site. I do like the CD mount and may get one for myself.

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