Move iCloud Calendar to Google?


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Jul 19, 2013
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How can I move my entire iCal/iCloud Calendar events collection onto Google Calendar online?

In such a way that I can delete them from my Mac and iCloud accounts, and populate Calendar on my phone and Mac with Google's Calendar.

Any kind of archive file I can upload for this?


Tall Mike 2145

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Feb 8, 2013
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not so much advice on how to do what you are asking, but I can tell you that once you have moved everything to Google Calendar, you can set up at least iPhones, and perhaps iPads but honestly I do not know, to sync via setting up A Microsoft Exchange account on the iPhone and linking it with Google's server. is the server address.


EDIT: I wanted to add a few things. Once you set up a MS Exchange account on an iOS-capable device, you have access to mail, contacts, and calendar synchronization. A friend of mine who is very enthusiastic about it was showing me around iCloud, and I kept thinking to myself "Why would I ever want *this*?" It's just too limited and limiting, and honestly I can't see the attraction or benefit of being in Apple's ecosystem. Sure, they make a decent-enough desktop OS and for purposes of tablets iOS is relatively decent as well, but there are a number of other options out there which are just as decent, and some of which are totally free. Besides, as someone who is going totally FLAC (with OGG to deal with limited-storage-space situations) iCloud is useless to me.
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