Moving contacts from Samsung Galaxy S5 to LG G4.


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I broke my Galaxy. I was under the impression that my phone backed them off automatically which is a mistake. The screen is cracked and black but the phone powers on. I went and picked up an LG G4. My contacts are not saved off in Google and when I plug my old phone into a laptop to try to get the contacts file, I do not see it under data>data>>contacts, etc. as I have seen in Android forums. I had a MicroSD card in the old phone, brought it over to the new phone but I do not see the contacts on the card either. I plugged the SD card into the old phone (while connected to the laptop) and browsed that way too. Nothing. The staff at T-Mobile also said that the contacts were not on my SIM card. So where could they possibly reside? Any thoughts? I really need my contacts. Thank you in advance.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Locally saved contacts are stored in an SQLite database in a protected system directory, which is typically not accessible to the user on an unrooted phone. So if that was the correct directory, perhaps the file is hidden.

This kind of situation can be very difficult--I'm not aware of an easy way to retrieve those contacts. In the future, whenever you enter contacts into the phone, always make sure they're being entered into your Google account, and not the local Phone account. Unfortunately, some phones still make the Phone account the default, so it can be easy to forget.

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