MoWeather 1.1 for Android is ready on Google Play!!


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Feb 7, 2014
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Hi guys:), MoWeather 1.1 for Android is finally ready on Google Play! Hurry, check this new version out!
Updated MoWeather represents a new way to experience the weather and temperature change!
*** 100,000 weather pictures uploaded everyday by users around the world ***
Seeing is believing. In 2014, let's forecast the weather yourself!

- Experience the weather like never before.
- Enjoy the comfort from latest accurate forecasts.
- Seal your personal/business plan better.
- Catch beautiful moments at your location.
- Share your weather discovery journal with friends.
- Make friends care the weather like you all around the world.
- Shorten the distance to your favorite cities.
- All-in-One weather widget.
- Simplified and beautiful layout.
- Vivid animation main page background shows latest live weather.
- Enable temperature units swift between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
- Auto refresh 15-day forecasts.
- Unique real feel temperature setting.
- Share friendly functions.
- Endless weather picture stream.
- Onsite weather picture timeline.
- Easy comment and reply on picture.
- Enable following/follower status.

No matter how the weather change, rainy, sunny, cloudy, snowy, tornado, etc. MoWeather will always be with you!
MoWeather, we make a better day altogether!
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