Much better Wifi on EVO LTE vs original EVO.


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May 25, 2012
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I just did a few tests on the two phones side by side in my house on Wifi and the EVO LTE has much better Wifi than the original.

The easiest thing to notice is that the EVO LTE has a consistently better connection.. usually full 3 bars and occasionally dipping down to 2 before jumping back up to a full 3 again. I haven't seen it drop below 2 inside my house yet. The original EVO is normally sitting at 2 with the occasional bump up to 3 bars, but I've seen it dip to 1 or even just the dot on the bottom before.

(out of 10 tests, same server for both phones)

I never remember getting over 10000kbps down on the original EVO and doing the tests now, the highest I've gotten is 8337kbps. The lowest, ruling out 1 outlier was 3785kbps.

The EVO LTE hit 14013kbps on the very first test.. with a high of 14153kbps, another over 12000, one over 10000, and the rest in the high 6000 to mid 7000 range.

On the upload side the original EVO looks slightly better.. maybe 10% difference at most, but it was back and forth between the two, so that looks basically the same.

Edit: I also switched sides halfway through to avoid any potential issues with that if anyone was wondering about that detail. They both performed with no noticeable difference in results being on either side of each other.
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