Music Clipping


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Jan 18, 2011
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So since my stock music player doesn't appear to have an equalizer, I decided to try a new one from the market. Tried, Mixzer, seems great, except my music started doing what I guess I would call "clipping" maybe? little annoying skip type sounds every 2 seconds. So I tried doubletwist, then winamp, and finally powerAMP. All of them do it, but the stock one doesn't, but I don't like the sound in the stock one.

Funny thing is, it appears that it only does it when the screen is on, once the screen times out and goes dark it doesn't do it anymore in any of the players.

Is this a setting I'm missing? I'm using a nice pair of JVC noise cancelling buds with memory foam ear plugs and they've always sounded great on my computer and MP3 player so I don't think its them.

Thanks for the help,