music player app that allows searching for music on usb flashdrive (from usb hub attachment)


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Dec 17, 2012
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I Have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 in version. I also purchased a Graybean USB card reader/Hub that attaches to the Tab and gives the Tab 3 usb ports for hooking up mice, keyboard, flashdrive or sd cards. I purchased a 128gb flash drive since I have a huge music collection and wanted to find a music player app that would allow me to store all my music on the flashdrive and be able to read and play from the flashdrive itself. What I've found so far are apps that only search or read music that is on the device itself. I can play music from the flashdrive if I click on the file in my files and then it asks me which app to use to play it , but if I open an app and try to find my music on the flashdrive, there are no options to search or find music on external drives, flash or sd card. Are there any music player apps that will search and or read from an external drive attached to the Galaxy Tab 2?
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