Music starts and stops


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Mar 12, 2014
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I have a non-rooted S6 and I used to use it as a white noise machine in the evenings to help me sleep. Randomly one day it would just start and stop the sound every half second or so repeatedly until I shut the app off (enough to cause me to wake up) I thought this was a fluke, but the next night it did it again at a totally different time. Sometimes it starts only after 15 minutes other times several hours later. I have closed all previous apps and this sometimes helps it last long but never through a full 8 hour sleep cylce. I then thought maybe it was the app so I found a white noise mp3 (8 hours long) and downloaded that and let it play through the built in music player. The first night when off with out problems on the second night it started doing this again. I am at a lose I have tried a few different music plays and different files and it still seems to do this after some time. Any thoughts on this would be nice, right now I am using an old andriod phone with no service to play the white noise at night but I would prefer to go back to one device.