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MXPE Ad Choices How do I disable Adchoices full screen ads?

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For several weeks I have been getting random full screen AdChoice ads on my MXPE. These ads are not embedded in browsers etc, they seem to be standalone full screen with loud music often in the middle of the night, incredibly obnoxious. I have tried several suggestions from the web to remove it, but nothing seems to work. Before I try the nuclear option, a full reset, any ideas on how to diable the Adchoices crap? Thanks for any thoughts. David

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! It's due to some adware that came with an app you installed. Unless you have some idea of which app it is, you'll have to uninstall apps one by one until the problem goes away.

Pure Truth

New member
Sep 20, 2018
How AdChoices can destroy and affect Your life
I never download anything from strange websites, only in GoogleMarket. I am very strict user, not gaming, chatting etc.How these AdChoices appeared in my phone I have no idea.
But: somehow it climbed through my Sony Premium XZ and now all the time my phone is ringing, blinking, noising proposing me to click and buy some bull**** from the ads. All the time I close applications patiently but I am full at the moment.
Yesterday during my visit to clinics I wondered that I have to have an urgent surgery, I had ife danger and I had very little time to call to my famiky. I was so sacred and upset that I closed in the ladie’s toilet and cried. I was destroyed and scary. I wanted to hear my family! All this time II wanted to speak with my dear ones. My father, my mom and my daughter. The count was for minutes before surgery.
Guess who stoled my minutes? Yes you’re right. The ****ed cheap intrusive AdChoices.
You can lose these minutes forever because AdChoices even plays whie you speaking with someone. This talk can be last talk in your life. Minutes can save life. But little chance, because AdChoices stoles your life.
I wish all AdChoices owners, and their Moms, Daughters and dearest ones to have such situation, when you count minutes till difficult surgery, and have no possibility to call and to speak. Let you all obtain what I had yesterday, many times!
Will you be damned forever.