My 5g is no longer working. It now says H.

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I have a moto 5g stylus. The 5g was working fine until a few days ago. Now the connectivity icon has an H, or E, next to it. It's usually an H. Sometimes the 5g will be there until I actually try to use the internet and the aH reappearsI have tried restarting, toggling airplane mode, resetting network/wifi/bt, removing the sim& reinserting it, ( it was askew and I put it back in & it said 5g but it didn't last long- just longer than anything else I tried) I made sure that my phone is infact 5g capable and that the MetroPCS-tmobile network is selected and the 5g/4g, etc is set as auto. Also my boyfriend's phone has 5g just fine so I know location is not the issue.

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