My Android 12/One UI 4 First Impressions


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Nov 4, 2014
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Everyone looks for different things in their smartphone user experience, and these are things that had some material importance to me with the Note 20 Ultra's Android 12 upgrade:

1. Addition of eSIM and DSDS: No more need to buy Hong Kong models off 3rd-party sellers to get both a Snapdragon SoC and dual-SIM in the same device.

2. Opening apps via notifications has much less lag (dare I say near instant.)

3. Lockscreen FPS unlocking is noticeably faster.

4. If you resize the Multiwindow split and then switch out to the homescreen or another app and then want to switch back, the resize you did is preserved. This was broken in Android 11, which would always reset the split to 50-50 as soon as you hit the recents key.

5. New Soundpicker. Finally, no more softhacks to pick your 3rd party ringtones and alert sounds. To top it off, search is built-in! I can't believe this feature actually exists and hope it persists into the next version of Android and beyond. UPDATE: This is only available when setting the Ringtone. Not for Notifications or any other SecSoundPicker dialog

6. Share menu is super-fast. The pain may finally now be over. Although sometimes you may need a few taps to get to the menu where all apps are available, but the speed to get there makes up for it.

7. PIP pinch-to-zoom is awesome. Self-explanatory!
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