My Budget Plan: the complete expense manager


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Jun 13, 2014
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My Budget Plan is a complete expense manager to help you organize and keep track of all your expenditures and income and then have a full control of your money

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Indeed, My Budget Plan gives you , at each moment, your real financial situation and if you have enough money to make this purchase or if that spending will have any impact on your end of month situation or savings.

★★Moreover, My Budget Plan is an easy to use expense manager: You just have to introduce punctual or recurring transactions or transfers and My Budget Plan will do all the rest

★★ The Statement Menu gives you the detail of your operations of the current, past and next periods to give you an idea of your expenses and also your projection over the next months to see how much money you have still available to spend. This statement can be exported to your device as EXCEL file. You can then compare it to your other financial documents.

★★ The Budget Menu allows you to set and track Expense limits and thresholds according to various criteria (account, category and periods). You can for example define a monthly limit for fueling or a weekly limit for credit card payments. You can then track the evolution of your budgets consumption day by day. Your budget can be punctual or recurrent such way it will automatically transferred to the next periods. You can define up to ten budgets.

★★ The Graphs menu gives you a graphical representation of your expenditures and income by category, by account and by time period. It allows you to analyse your expenses and revenues and find exactly when and where your expenditures will, so you can, if necessary, address the situation.

★★Other features of My Budget Plan expense manager:★★
- Create simple or reccurrent operations, and associate them to bank account.
- Create multiple bank accounts (with initial balance or no) and make transfers between them
- Categorize your operations using categories lists
- Edit or add new categories to better classify expenses, income and transfers
- When the application starts, see the current total balance over all Accounts
- In the statment page click on the operation to edit it or delete
- Use the detailed search page to look for specific transactions
- Manage your recurring operations (standing orders) via a specific page
- 5 languages (English, Español, Français, German and Arabic) and more than 100 currencies
- Bonus: Simulate loan and mortgage via a complete Loan Calculation tool with Amortization table and graphs


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Oct 8, 2015
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I'm using an interesting app that can also allow me to plan my incomes or expenses not just to keep a record of them. It's called Financial Planning and it is free on Google play and I'm using it since 2014. I was shocked when I saw where my money are going and how I spend a lot of money on useless things each month.

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