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My cellphone is connected to wall charger but it shows usb

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I have xpower 2. When i connect my phone to the original charger it takes about 10 hours to be fully charged. My battery is working correctly and my charger too( i have used it for other android phones)
And when the charger is connected my phone shows that it is connected via usb.
And the last point is that when i connect my phone to pc. It doesnt work and my cellphone doesnt understand that is connected to pc. Is there anyone who knows what is the problem? Thanks 🙏


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Feb 12, 2012
The problem is one wire (or pin) in the cable plugged into the phone. That tells the phone that it's being charged by a wall charger, not a computer. If you're using the original charger and the original cable, about the only thing left is the microUSB connector on the phone. (If not, use the original charger and the original cable.)