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My documents in my smartphone appear as folders in my laptop when connected 🤔🤔

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I had my documents (like PDFs, word files, pptx ) in my smartphone,and I am able to open it through Android apps (Adobe, office)
Yesterday,I tried to transfer those documents to my laptop
When I connected it to my laptop all the documents appear as folders in my laptop (for example: google.pdf appear as a folder named as
If I opened that folder it is empty
Then I checked the property of the file ,it is showed as folder in it's property and the size is
0 bits
But I am able to open this files in my smartphones

Then I tried to view the files through sd card reader ,
I was able to open it in its respective format

Then I installed Kaspersky antivirus in my smartphone and started a full scan
But no malware detected

Now I have no idea what to do

My last option is to format my SD card


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
If the documents read properly from the SD card - in any device - it's not the SD card. But if copying a file to the laptop results in an empty folder rather than a file, I'd suspect the way you're copying the file.

Put the SD card into the card reader, then copy a file from the card to the laptop. If that works, it's definitely something with the phone or the way you're doing the copy. (You should just be able to drag the file from the phone's Card "folder" to the laptop.)