My Droid Turbo keeps rebooting itself


AC Question

OK all - this is seriously driving me up the wall!!

I have had my turbo for about a year and a half and over the course have had 3 replacements. Just got my 3rd yesterday. At times, it would start to shut itself down and reboot, on its own accord. After many many hours with tech support, we decided some of the apps I have might be contributing to this. But after factory resetting (shoot me now!) multiple times, the problem persisted.

NOW, it's just shutting down. So I just synced everything over to my new phone, without the newest apps I had downloaded (I mean seriously, I am not an app fiend...I don't have games or anything!) GoPro & Toyota EnTune

Anywho...the newest one (literally same day after receiving/syncing) it has started to shut down and reboot itself. OMG!!!!! Does anyone have a list of apps that they find aren't compatible with either each other, or the phone?

Truly though, my apps are not extensive! Very few that I use!