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My G4 has suddenly lost the ability to connect to any Wi-Fi network, 'Reconnecting' then 'Saved'


AC Question

Yesterday I woke up and noticed my G4 had disconnected from my home wireless network. Whenever I tried to reconnect, I would see the text under the network name say 'Reconnecting...' then 'Saved'.

I tried to forget the network, cleared a few Android caches, reset my router, turned the phone off, took the battery out, turned off various settings, toggled airplane mode, checked for firmware updates etc.

I have since tried connecting to over 3 other networks, all of which I've been able to connect to fine since getting my G4 almost 3 months ago. Every network has the same issue.

Has anybody else had the same issue? I'm trying to resolve this short of resetting to factory settings, but if nobody has a solution or suggestion, I might have to do this soon.



New member
Dec 14, 2015
As said in the question, I'm trying to achieve a form of resolution without having to reset my device, though as I'm approaching the end of my data for the month and need access to email/notifications from my phone for work purposes, I may have to do this.


Moderator Team VP
Apr 23, 2011
At this point I would contact the manufacturer for a warranty replacement