My Galaxy S4 Screen Usage is unusually high!!!


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Aug 28, 2013
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Hi I am a new user on the android OS previously using blackberry phones for the last 5-6 ish years; and my first android phone is an s4 (yikes).
Anyways I bought my S4 online from amazon less then a fortnight ago and noticed a problem.

I looked at the battery analytics on my phone and noticed my battery usage for my screen is super high I would say on average mid 70%. I do use my phone quite a lot, but not all the time. My friend also bought an s4 a month before I did and he showed my his screen usage and it was always less than 50%.
I also noticed another problem: my phone hot gets quite hot especially the top part of my screen (the camera region) where as the bottom half is normally cold, using the avg app it told my battery temperature is 32 degrees when running the youtube app?!?!? (The hottest its ever been for me that I have seen is 36 degrees)
I just wanted to know is there anything wrong with my phone or is that normal? Have I bought a dud phone?
Please bear in mind that I am new to android phones and this is my first one, (having an s4 made me realise that I have been letting blackberry getting away with it for all these years).
Any help or advice would greatly be appreciated. maybe useful info: Model - s4 gt-19505 16GB


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May 20, 2013
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It depends on how much you use it and how bright the screen is. That 70% number is well within the realm of "normal" depending on how you use your phone.

36C is warm, but nothing to worry about, especially if it only happens when you do some sort of processor intensive activity.


Mar 5, 2013
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My phone gets really hot when I watch YouTube too or play a game for too long, or even whem charging the battery. I havent felt the half hot/half cold sensation you mentioned though. Your phone should be fine, but once in while you could clear the background apps by holding down the middle home key and pressing the button with the lines and 'x' on the bottom right. to clear all (or you can swipe one by one to select which onew to clear. I also like to press the pie button (bottom left) and go to RAM and clear that every now and again.

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Apr 17, 2012
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That sounds like normal screen percent to me.

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