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Dec 3, 2011
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What is Gamestash?


Gamestash is a mobile service for Android and there are 300 games available right now. The games will either be ad-free, free, or come with in-game store benefits. You might be thinking Gamestash doesn't have a very good game selection, but that depends on what kind of games you like. Gamestash has games like Cut the Rope, Badland, Cartoon Network games, and more. I myself prefer more story based RPG/Adventure games. Gamestash has some of those as well, including Evoland, which I have found to be one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Of course, Gamestash isn't free, though you do get a free 14-Day trial that can be canceled at any time. After your free trial, it's $5 per month if you sign up early, the price will skyrocket all the way to $6 per month after some time unless you signed up early. Depending on what games you play and how much you play you are getting a major discount and is well worth the cost of the service. Signing up is easy as well, you'll have to allow apps from unknown services under your security settings, go online to sign up and download the Gamestash app, then you browse for the games you want and install with Gamestash. All updates will still come from the Google Play Store I believe as the Play Store does recognize you have the game installed.




Gamestash's website says play as much as you want and cancel anytime, play full versions of games without interruptions and expensive in-app purchases, as well as free virtual dollars for in-app purchases and you get more dollars the more you play. I'll have to play more games with in-app purchases to fully verify those claims. I'm not a huge fan of games that have in-app purchases. I have been using Gamestash for a couple weeks at this point and I have had no issues with it. I've only had one issue with one of the games I installed. Everything in the store said free but I didn't have enough coins to purchase it...I'm not really sure what that's about. The cost of the games shown in Gamestash are a little higher than their actual cost on the Google Play Store, but when it says free, you do indeed get the game for free. I verified that claim on a friend's phone. As I continue to browse around the Gamestash store and try more games I'm sure I'm going to keep finding games that I enjoy to play and even take the time to complete. I just installed Pixel Heroes a short time ago and I'm looking forward to trying that game out as well.



Just like with the Android OS, in the Gamestash settings, you can choose whether or not you want to install the game onto the home screen for new apps. You can also see which games you have installed with Gamestash under the My Apps page. I'm currently using a Moto G5 Plus for an Android device and it handles the games really well. I can only imagine how much better the gaming experience is on a flagship phone. Honestly, a service like this as it improves, makes me think about switching back to Android full time and never having to worry about paying for games again other than a cheap monthly fee. So if you play games on your phone a lot, I would strongly encourage you to check out Gamestash. There are plenty of time killer games along with more casual games and some more time-consuming games. If you have kids who like to play those time killer games and don't want to keep buying new games or worry about the in-app purchases, then Gamestash is probably going to be your best friend.



The Good
  • Affordable
  • Nice game selection
  • Free means free

The Bad
  • Only on Android
  • May not have games for everyone
  • Only 300 games currently available

Gamestash is a super affordable gaming service offering a good selection of games that should grow with time. Expensive games become free, ads are removed, and you no longer have to worry about in-app purchases. Parents with kids have probably wanted a service like this and didn't even know. Best case scenario is you like Gamestash and keep playing games the way they were meant to be played. Worst case scenario is you don't like it and cancel at the end of your 14-Day free trial, no harm no foul. It's worth checking out at the very least, so go into your security settings and allow installation from unknown sources and head over to Gamestash to sign up and install. I'm enjoying it so far and really, what do you have to lose?

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