My HTC one is acting up.


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Hi, I have had my HTC one for a few months now and i have been having several problems with it. For example, my phone gets extremely hot when I am and when am not using it. It will get so hot that it shuts off on me and most of the time the phone will be on 80% battery and won't turn back on unless I put it to charge, and when it does turn on its on 1%. My battery used to last all day and now it won't even last 2 hours. Whenever I make a call I have to put it on speaker in order for the person calling to hear me. When my phone dies, and I put it to charge I won't use it for a few hours and when I go to check on it its only on 15% sometimes even 8%. Also, I realized, if a person were to text me I wouldn't receive until maybe 30 - 50 minutes later (especially when the text is sent from an iPhone). what should i do? please help.

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