My HTC One M8 stuck on TWRP screen, how can I get it off?

Mahmoud Al-Moghrabi

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Jul 17, 2015
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my htc one m8 stuck on TWRP screen

i got HTC one m8 i had error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported. by some application so i went to the forums and found "" so i got it but it didnt over write the old file as they said so i tried to over write it my self but it kept saying "Failed" so i deleted to the old "linkr" file from the root file in order to get the new one from its file on the phone storage and when i deleted it the phone stopped working so i restarted the phone and then it got stuck on HTC logo i kept waiting but nothing happend i waited till the phone battery died then opend the TWRP and now cant get out i tried factory reset and wiping data and it keeps failing so please give me a way to fix that

i would like you to know that the phone is S-off and unlocked