my htc salsa couldn't access some wi-fi but it works with other phones, couldn't use fb button


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Jan 24, 2014
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Hi everybody, i have a htc salsa and it has many problem. could not rectify by me (also i don't how to rectify). i listed my problems below so if know how to do please suggest me it will be more help full for me guys.

1. My phone cannot access some wi-fi
until some day before it works good. after, i did factory reset, it couldn't access only some wi -fi signals. i don't know what is the different from other wi -fi. but with some other wi-fi it works good. also all other pones works with this wi-fi good even other htc also

2.Cannot use FB botton
the same, some day before it works good. after that it is also not working. every time my phone is asking "Authorize HTC Salsa to use f button" if i click it, it says "the page you cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page." I need f button to use. so what can i do?

3.Cannot do factory reset when switch on with holding volume down button.
I tried to do factory reset so, i follow above mentioned method to do but my phone says after sd card checking "CID incorrect! Update fail! press <power> button to reboot.(but i can do via setting-SD & phone storage-factory data reset.)

So, Dear friends please suggest me to get rid of this problems.

if you know please let me know step by step what i have to do. and also if i want to download something please send me link. (i think my phone is not rooted)