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My information is being taken, google apple comcast & sprint aren not helping


AC Question

Yesterday morning I woke up with several emails from apple. First confirming my new apple id, then for various apps and things. I called apple they couldnt help bc i couldnt answer security questions..duh, i didnt make. I called google, was told to contact my service provider. Reason: I had already changed my password 2x and they still had access. Today i woke up to a bunch of pictures I didnt even know I had access to. They were just sitting in my downloads file like theyd always been there. In the downloads I found something that looks like giberish to me, but i picked out a couple reg urls and found i now had new/reopened microsoft account. Also i tried researching but dont understand policy.xml w3 ... Then I realized this morning that i was following myself in google+... also there is a whole slue of "new" system apps that I have never seen before. Help! Whoever has access to extremely personal information...including that of my childrens.

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