My LG D415 is practically dead.


AC Question

So I've had the phone for a while, and I really haven't been able to fix it.

It's an LG D415 with about 8 GB of storage memory.

Every time I turn on the phone, it does turn on, but the only problem is that it gets stuck on the carrier splashscreen.

Even when the phone was actually alive, the phone had a tendency to get stuck like that, so the only solution would have been to hard-reset via holding the power button.

This one was an eternal splashscreen of death.

It was a rooted phone, but I had not messed around with flashing ROMs or anything like that.

The problem may lie on probably corrupting some files (because my phone died as I tried to search for the charger) as it was updating (which I'm not entirely sure if it even was.)

How do I go about fixing this phone?
How can I give it new life?