My phone can't take anymore space but in reality it still has 6GB left

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I set my memory card to internal storage and has only consumed 2GB out of 8GB when I tried to change some of my apps to my sd card it said 'not enough storage left' Whenever I take pictures, they dont appear and when I record videos my camera crashes.I deleted games but it doesn't change anything.I tried deleting all my gallery but when turn off my phone or exit the app it came back,all the pictures I deleted reappeared.I tried deleting it on my file manager but it saids 'No permission to delete' how do I fix this???


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you formatted the card as internal storage, you don't have any space on an external card, because you no longer have an external card, the card becomes part of internal storage. Using a card as internal storage is really only a stop-gap measure until you can get a larger phone, because the card won't last as long as the storage inside the phone.

But if you want to store things on the card as a card, format it as external storage. (Then you can't store apps on it, only data. Storing apps is a problem - some just won't let you [because they won't run from the card], others may let you but not run from it - and even those that will run from it may store data to it almost continuously, killing the card early. [SD card life is measured in the number of times it's written to.])


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Nov 6, 2015
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8 GB card is way too small these days. There's a bunch of rating codes on the cards these days that mostly relate to its speed. If it's an old card, the rating might be a problem. And older cards with more write and delete cycles the card tend to get fragmented which will slow it down even further. I'd look for at least 32gb and at least a Class 10 rating. But for my uses I'd recommend a UHS-1 (U1) or UHS-3 (U3) and at least 64gb. Some cards are also rated A1 to indicate they are specially made for use as expanded internal storage.

Here's a good description of the various ratings on SD cards.

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