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My phone must have a virus. I got rid of it. but be aware of this


AC Question

I looked in my gallery one day and i found, not one or two, but a thousand images of nothing but black and white. i went through and deleted every single one of them, but BEFORE opening any other applications, right as i deleted the 900th picture, 2000 more appeared on my phone, different pictures this time, full of black and white lines. this is a real virus. i have HEAVY SECURITY and even trojan killers for every kind of trojan, including GhostPush and Hummer. None of my security found ANYTHING. This sounds like a real problem to me. I had to factory reset my phone and now nothing is there so i'm assuming its gone, I've installed all the old apps i had and this problem has stopped occuring.


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Mar 22, 2011
Welcome to the forum. Sorry you had that happen, I had something similar happen to an email account I had. Glad you got rid of it, sometimes even a factory reset won't help, and thanks for posting your experience for the forum.

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