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My phone plays music perfectly through my aux cord, but not through my headphones.


AC Question

I have a Galaxy s5 Active and the other day I was trying to listen to music through my beats earbuds and the music was playing but even turned up all the way it was barely loud enough to hear it. I understand that's probably a common problem, but the thing that confuses me is that my music plays the same as it always has through my aux cord in my car. I took a safety pin and tried to see if there was maybe something in my ear phone jack that was disrupting the connection and managed to pull a piece of lint out, but my earphones are still barely picking up anything. I tried another pair of earphones, but my phone wouldn't even recognize them and just played music through the phone speaker.

Both pairs of earphones that I tried have 3 rings and my aux cord only has two. Could that have something to do with it?

Thank you.