My phone screen is lighted but not showing anything after trying to flash my rom using TWRP app

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I tried to flash my phone rom using TWRP app when it started to flash rom suddenly it showed system ui, phone and many other apps are not responding and phone power off but when I again try to power on my phone it didn't turn on but I noticed that screen was on but it didn't vibrate or didn't show any thing. I try other ways too like pressing volume keys with power button etc. but it didn't show anything except turning on screen but nothing happen. Can I fix this using a USB JIG.. please help me any one
My device is Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM- N900
Sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand what i am saying


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Feb 12, 2012
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Did you have a .zip version of the ROM? Or a .tar.md5 version? If it was .tar.md5, you have to flash it using Odin. Renaming the file to .zip won't make it flash properly in TWRP.

And are you certain it was a ROM for the N900, not the N900A or N900V or some other variant? And that your phone is the N900, not some other variant? (You can't mix one ROM with a different variant phone.)

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