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My phone won't completely turn on or charge. What do I do?

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I have a Galaxy Core Prime phone that I got a couple of around 6 months ago. It has been slowing down lagging.I deleted any pre-installed apps I could delete and cleared out old texts and photos. A couple of weeks ago I've had a hard time charging it as it would connect and disconnect and then connect and disconnect again. I cleaned out the charging port quite a few times and it did nothing. The only way to charge it was to have the charger plugged in at an angle in the port. But lately that's no longer working every time I plug it in at any angle it will not charge or even show up on the screen that's it at low battery.I have plugged it in for a couple of hours in hopes that it would charge. I set it at angle and it still won't show anything about the battery on the screen. I've removed the battery put it back in, tried to reboot, turn it on restart, every thing. The only thing that work is holding down the power button as if I was turning it on and it never makes it past the first "Samsung Galaxy Core Prime' screen before blacking out. A couple days before it stopped working entirely the screen would flash.


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Jun 10, 2014

The USB port may need repair or replacement. There may be other problems. Whether it’s worth the cost of repair is something you’ll have to judge.