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My phone won't power off and when I open certain apps, my phone restarts?


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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Metro PCS. Model number SM-530T1. Android version 5.1.1.

Two days ago, I decided I wanted to root my phone, because I used to have an old Samsung phone that already had root installed. Along with this, I love customizing with launchers, icons, widgets, etc. So I have always wanted to customize everything, including the interface (because I really don't like the color scheme of Lollipop, I guess).

I was using the app Layers Manager, with the theme called Art, but it wasn't working because your phone needs root, and I had installed a root checker which told me that it didn't have it. So, I was looking up different videos, guides, instructions on how to root your phone, and I saw a YouTube video on this guy rooting his phone, which was a Samsung (not the same one though), with KingRoot.

So, I installed it. It went to 100%, and I opened the root checker, and it told me I had root. Then I was all excited because now I could apply the theme. But I did that, and it didn't fully work. Like, the notification bar is the same exact same. However, when I open certain apps, I can tell aspects of it have been changed to this theme (i.e. underlining words was orange, now it's red; or, Reddit is fun being a black background [their theme], now it's black in the background with grey tiles.)

Along with this, whenever I open certain apps, such as Twitter (loads for about 3 seconds and then phone restarts) or Chrome (if I open it at all, it restarts), my phone will restart. It happens every single time, so now I can't use the internet on my phone unless it's through an app. I also do not have the ability to power off my phone; it only restarts.

I have attempted doing a factory reset through the settings of my phone. It tells me it erased all data, and then when it goes to power off, it restarts and boots like normal. Nothing has been deleted.

May I also mention that I got rid of Layers Manager + Art, and removed the root apparently with SuperSU, and made sure that both apps weren't authorized to root (checked with a root checker and it says I don't have it now).

I'm scared to mess with my phone any further because I don't want it to boot loop and I will be so screwed if it does; I can't afford another phone until around November. Please help.

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