My phones locked and I can't unlock it, what can I do?


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My phones locked and I can't unlock it

I tapped in a incorrect code on my LG G2 mini too many times, and now the phone is requesting me to log onto my gmail to unlock the phone. Unfortunately, my phone doesn't accept the password/username for some reason. I double checked my password and username, and I am a 110 % sure that I wrote it correctly. I think the problem might be that my phone doesn't have a wi-fi connection, but I can't get one either since my phone is locked. What should I do? And yes, I've tried to restart it etc.
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Dec 25, 2013
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Re: My phones locked and I can't unlock it

Not sure, but just to be clear - when it asks you for a username then password, you should enter your full Gmail address, i.e: xxxx@gmail .com

You say you have double checked, does that mean you tried on a cleared browser on a pc. You can get prompts there if you are not sure of either address or password. I can't confirm if you need to have a connection for it to open, but I wouldn't have thought so. I tried it a few times in the last year and I am fairly sure I would not have a connection at that point. Good luck.
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