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My pixel 2 brand new blacks out when calling out or call answered, does anyone else have this issue?

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So I have been on the phone today with Verizon and Goole for about three hours today. This morning I realized when I went to listen to a voice mail the minute I clicked on the play bottom my screen went black and could not use any buttons or finger reconnitiin for it to come back on. I had to wait till the voicemail stopped then same thing if making or receiving a call the minute I hit the call button or hit accept to answer, the phone went black. And until the call is dropped I can not use my phone. Now I know all phones have issues nothing is perfect but I do believe in doing the right thing and this phone is not even a month old they will not let me trade out for a different phone unless I pay off this broken phone. Apparently there is supposed to be an update done on the 5th so they said I could also wait for an update and that puts me out about a week with a phone and i just moved across states so I need a phone now. Anyone have this issue and did it get fixed??

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like the proximity sensor is being activated -- it's normal for the screen to black out on a call when you hold the phone against your ear. If it's happening when the phone is nowhere near your ear, then something else might be blocking the sensor (which is right near the front-facing camera), like a screen protector or an ill fitting case. Do you have either of those?


New member
Nov 14, 2012
Screen protector is the likely culprit. If it doesn't have a cutout for the proximity sensor it'll do this