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My Samsung 8+ deletes my all music file by it self


New member
Feb 26, 2018
Hello every time I download music on my phone storage the music get deleted by it self after 20 hours I don't know if my phone is hacked or there is something wrong with the software I need your help please by the way I use Samsung music player

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! You probably have some "Smart Cleaning" feature or app installed. Check your system settings in the Device Maintenance section to see if something is set to automatically clear out your Download folder every day. Or if you installed some 3rd party "phone cleaner" app (which is totally unnecessary, by the way), look in those settings.

If you want to keep this kind of Smart Cleaning active, then make a habit of copying or moving your downloaded music files from the /Download directory to some other directory immediately.


New member
Sep 11, 2018
I have similar problem.

I have multiple mp3-files.
Some one be regular delete, other store on phone and no delete.
I think phone check something.
It's "checks" content can be turn off?