My Samsung A5 apps that can appear on the top can't seem to appear on the top anymore.. Help?

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Basically I have this Samsung A5 (2016) which recieved a software update in November 5th. Since then the "screen overlay" or "apps that can appear on the top" is not functioning correctly. Any app that uses this function is having this same problem.
The apps that appear on the top simply doesn't appear. Like, for example if I oprn a messenger chat head, it'll still show the notification that 1 chat head is active, but there won't be any chat head on screen.
When it first started, the screen overlay when you take a screenshot (the option if scroll capture or crop) didn't appear either. I opened the phone in safe mode and took a screenshot. Now it's fixed. Sadly I can't open my screen recorder app or messenger in safe mode to do the same. I was waiting for next software update, hoping to get a fix. It came today but didn't fix the issue. Then I did a factory reset but that didn't do much either. So what should I do? What things can I try in attempt to fix this?
And yes I have checked settings. Messenger, screen recorder etc is checked in "apps that can appear on the top" section.


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Sep 27, 2020
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Hello, i had this exact same problem on my galaxy A5 2016, i did everything i could but nothing works, so what i did is i changed the ROM of Samsung with a custom ROM its name (Lineage OS) the problem is gone, and not just that, the phone became more snappy and fast, and also increased its performance in some games, i love it. i recommend you to do it, this is the only solution.