My Samsung Galaxy Centura got a little wet, how can I dry it out and get it working?


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my samsung galaxy centura got a little wet .

It fires up but the screen is grey. it was in my pocket and was not dropped in water. how do I get it to dry out and work?


Jul 14, 2011
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Re: my samsung galaxy centura got a little wet .

First of all, rule of thumb: If you get a device wet, NEVER try to turn it on until you've dried it out.

That scary disclaimer being said, having turned it on might have actually made more damage than when the device got wet. But no use crying over spilled water (literally).

To dry out (or attempt to), you should remove batteries if possible and place in a sealed bag with dry rice for at least 24 hours. They do sell pouches with special chemicals in them to absorb water and humidity more efficiently, too.

Other than that, not much you can do. :(