My samsung galaxy note 10.1 will not turn on nor charge


AC Question

So earlier today my tablet was working just fine and I maybe have caused this but when my tablet had no battery left and was just about to "powering off" I quickly plugged it in, and thats when it didnt charge. I turn my tablet back on and it was down to 20 percent and then no less than 1 minute later, it dies. So, I turn it back on and the battery this time had 11 percent battery life but died again only this time within a few seconds. I tried turning it back on and now it wont turn back on, so I put it on charge and it wont charge. I tried the whole button thing with holding down power button and the volume up button. And plz do not say well hold this amount of seconds, then release blah blah, I did that. I even tried unhooking the battery and then put it back in and still nothing. What do I do?