My Samsung Galaxy S3 power button working and now it seems dead, what should I do?


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Oct 24, 2014
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Button Not Working and Now It's Dead!!!

My power button stopped working about last week on Thursday. I came back from an event from my friends, it had died, so I started to charge it. Unfortunately for me, it wouldn't charge. Some miracle happened and I managed to get it back up and running, but the power button would refuse to work. My Galaxy S3, I'm learning, has a hard time coming from the dead.
I managed to keep it alive up until about 3 or 4 hours ago when it died while I was out. I got home, took out the battery and let it sit there for 20 minutes while I desperately searched for ways to get it back up and running. I decided I'd try to see if it could charge up for a little bit. It would vibrate, show the battery sign and the "loading" circle, but then it would go black again. I took out the battery and plugged in the charger, the LED light would turn red for a few seconds, then go black again. Put in the battery, the LED light would do the same thing.
I'm very frustrated and very concerned. I do have Geek Squad protection, however there is a limit to how many phones they can replace and I don't think it can be replaced again. The first two times were due to cracks and one broken LED screen.
I know from experience I could get this back up, but I'd like some way to do this because now I'm desperate and very frustrated. As of right now, my phone is sitting by itself not plugged in with the battery in it.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Button Not Working and Now It's Dead!!!

When the battery is dead (try not to do that - you only get about 300 charge cycles if you normally let the battery get below 40$, so that's about a year and you have to replace the battery), let it sit, turned off, on the charger, for at least 24 hours. Don't try to turn it on "just to see if it's getting a charge" - leave it alone. The first few hours of charge of a totally dead (as dead as you can get a lithium battery, which is seldom as low as 0.5%) battery doesn't actually put much charge into it - it's definitely not linear (where, if it takes 10 hours to fully charge it, it's charged 10% every hour).

In the future, if you need more than discharging the battery down to 40% will give you (if you get to that point hours before your day is done), you can get a pair of spare batteries and a charger that will charge both the battery in the phone and the one outside it at the same time for $26 and your batteries will last until the phone is so old that we can't use that kind of phone any more. (I still use my 2004 V551's original batteries when I need a spare phone. Ten years and still working.)

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