My samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 screen went black?


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Hey guys,

A couple of days ago when i tried to turn my tab s on, all i got was a black screen with streaks of white lines that flicker on and off. I've tried restarting it using the power button & volume down button, but that didn't do much. I've read forums where they asked to try taking the back cover off and disconnecting the screen cable and reconnecting it. I wanted a second opinion on that before i went ahead and did it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! That problem could certainly be due to a loose connection, as well as a faulty screen or motherboard. If it's still under warranty, then I'd think twice about opening it up, because that will void the warranty--call Samsung to inquire about warranty repair.

If it's no longer under warranty, then you might as well try to open it up and check for a loose connection, because that might be a relatively easy fix. If it's not a connection issue, then you'll have to bring it to a repair shop or Samsung service center.

T Mat

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Jun 14, 2015
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Thanks for the reply B Diddy. And thank you, I find the forums here very useful.

I believe it's still under warranty. I bought it in December 2014 and I think it carries a one year warranty. The warranty was one reason why I didn't wanna open the cover, just in case I made a dent or something on the cover. But I'll call Samsung and see what they say.

Thanks again, much appreciated!