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My Samsung tab 2 is stuck in a charging loop, how can I fix it?


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my samsung tab 2 is stuck in a charging loop PLEZ HELP

ok i just got my tab 2 off my sister witch has had it for a while now but when i tried to boot it up it did nothing so i thought it was dead so i put it on charge and it showed a battery with one bar but then suddenly shut off, then it kept reaping it self e.g (battery with one bar then shut off) i have tried all of the button holding methods and i can only get in to recovery mode but when i do it says no command and so i click restart and it goes back in to the charging loop again. please can somebody help me i don't know if i should buy a new battery if that will fix it.


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: my samsung tab 2 is stuck in a charging loop PLEZ HELP

Give it good long charge.

When you see that No Command screen, hold Power and press Volume Up once. Release both. Proceed from there.