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My sasung galaxy s3 is chraging really slow and it just shuts itself down. Please Help!


New member
Feb 15, 2014
I have had a Samsung Galaxy s3 over a year and half however i started having some problems with it.

Firstly my original charger stopped working. For example after a year of using it it didn't charge my phone properly and by this i mean i had to keep on charge for 24 hours so it would fully charge and if i would use it while it was on charge it would automatically stop charging and sometimes it would discharge.

Lately I have started using my mums charger which is a charger for samsung galaxy s3 mini. Everything for fine for like 6 months.

However the problems only just started recently when i downloaded this app called 'dodol launch' which lets me customise my phone and change my icons and everything. I really love this is because it's so cool however since i have downloaded for some reason my phone just shuts itself down and a black screen with white writing saying' Samsung galaxy s3' keeps flashing on my screen. To turn it back on i press the power button and the volume buttons at the same time, for 8 seconds. The thing is i don't know what is shutting my phone down all of the sudden. Could it be this new app or is there something else that is messing my phone up ?

On the other hand, my other problem is that my phone is taking forever to charge again. It only started two days ago. I put it on charge in the evening before i went to bed and in the morning it still wasn't fully charged. It also discharges very quickly. Why is this ? is it the charger again , or the new app or something else ?

I would really appreciate it if someone would take at least 5 mins to answer my question. Thank you!


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Nov 29, 2013
It can be a number of reasons why your S3 is behaving that way. Firstly, as for the mobile shutting down by itself, it can be the app or very well be a corrupted system file that is making your phone behave that way. I would suggest step by step debugging i.e. try uninstalling the apps you recently downloaded (unless they are highly recommended on the Play Store) and see if the problem persists, if it does then I suggest you go to kiev and simply download the factory image for S3 and reflash the whole OS again to get rid of any corrupted files on your system.
Secondly, as for the charging problem, that may very well be a hardware issues, as if a program is using too much of your battery you can see so by going to the battery monitor in the Settings of your OS. Again, if uninstalling the app does make your phone's charging issues go away then i suggest you find an alternative for the app. Otherwise, in my view it can be a shotty battery or a charger that is causing the problem. If you can arrange a substitute charger from a friend or so for a day, that will confirm where the problem lies.
As for finding an alternative, if you can't find one, do tell we will be able to find you a suitable one with ease. :)


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May 14, 2012
First thing is to ditch the app and see if there is an improvement.

Second thing I would do is stop by the phone store and try an alternate battery. At 1.5 years yours is getting a bit old and may be at end of life.

Third thing would be to clear the system cache then use it for a day and see how it's running.

Lastly I would consider a factory reset. That's a long time for a phone to get bogged down and it may need a fresh start to clear is head. Just remember if you go this route to back everything up first.

If I had a phone that was a year and a half old, I would check for updates then do a reset regardless

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