My screen isn't displaying properly, can it be fixed?


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Dec 10, 2014
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My phone appears to be working completely, except for the display. I'm receiving texts, and the touch screen appears to be working (it makes the sound like I unlocked the screen) but the display is just flickering purple and stuff.

Edit - now it's an almost solid purple, and occasionally will flicker a grainy version of what the screen is SUPPOSED to look like & even when it's all purple, there are varying light/dark areas that match up with the normal screen.

What I want to know is, will replacing the screen help or are those screen replacement kits just for broken glass.

My phone got wet, water spilled on it & I wiped it off quickly & took the battery out, I didn't see any water and couldn't get any out, I set it on the dresser with a fan blowing on it all day, now this is what I have.

EDIT - This link appears to be about a similar problem

While I'm waiting (hoping) for help, I've been browsing parts... how do I know the exact phone I have, for example: Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 I747 I999
I don't know what that long chain of numbers after S3 signifies or how to know if they match up with my phone.
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