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my sons phone is stuck in system recovery.


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May 14, 2010
So my son has an Optimus S obviously. He did something, said tried downloading Facebook app, and now its stuck in recovery mode. I've tried all four command prompts and all I get is android figure with a triangle with an exclamation point in it. Then I get the message. E: Can't find command file CACHE: recovery/command Installation aborted. No valid image in CACHE. Now I'm pretty sure it means his phone is bricked but I'm looking for a second opinion. Can i get an update on his sd card and then try or is his purple pos from sprint good for skipping at the nearest pond or should I send it to RatedRR on Youtube and have him kill it for me. Thanks for the help yall.
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Sep 13, 2011
I know there's a thread on here that will help you, but I'm at work right now, so I can't search it down. I'm pretty sure sammyZ started the thread, if that helps. I can post a link when I get home if no one else has. It won't be until 10 EST though.

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Oct 10, 2011
Yes you can indeed flash the stock ROM from stock recovery. All you would have to do is download a stock ota update (id recommend zvd) and put it on the root of the sdcard, using a different phone, or computer.

I know this works as this is what I did when I wanted to return to stock on my optimus s.

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